Your Questions

In Wolfgang Weinberger’s hit comedy show SEX GURU the audience are given the opportunity to ask questions about sex and relationships – anything really goes!

The questions are written onto cards which are then collected and Wolfgang and the audience themselves respond to the questions.
Here are samples of what people wanted to know and the answers they got!

  • Do the men know how the clitoris works?
  • What is the average number of sexual partners for a man and woman?
  • When does a woman reach her sexual peak?
  • What would a woman consider as cheating?
  • Should Marriage have a Sexual Contract?
  • I can ejaculate about 6ft. I am female. Should I try and make money from this?
  • Do women prefer men without a foreskin or with?
  • Why do men need Sat Nav to find the g-spot?
  • Why do you not have the same desire to have sex once you are over 40?